The story of Babysteps

Not so long ago, I took Harvard's CS50x, Introduction to Computer Science course online. It was a great, life changing experience.

The specification for the final project suggested that we should build something that outlives the scope of the course, something that we could change the world with.
Reading that, I'd go:

Change the world, huh?

I think it is kinda funny to see how everyone is so obsessed about changing the world these days. Not so many people want to change themselves. But actually that's the only way the world will change. As Mahatma Gandhi said:

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Then I suddenly remembered how long I had been looking for a tool that helps me change. I wanted a todo list that can handle recurring, daily habit-related tasks without making them pile up if not done. I wanted my list to restart every week so that I would not get stressed by what I didn't accomplish the previous week. But none of the web apps I found had such an option.

So... here's my chance, I thought. Challenge accepted.

And so it became my final project. (Here's the original version of Babysteps.)

I went on learning web development after CS50, and I've learned to do things more professionally both on the back and front ends by now. So I decided it was time to redesign my app.

As you see, Babysteps is not an achievement tracker - it's for people who like to take their time and go for a slow, but lasting change.

I hope you'll enjoy using it.